Where it all started


When mentioning flight attendants, most people can only recall coffee and tea, high heels, jet lag and sleepiness.
After becoming one in 2016, I realised it can be an incredible instrument, if only you think out of the box.

On a Monday I would land in Sydney, on a Thursday in Nairobi, on a  Sunday in Tokyo. I slowly transformed myself into a sort of superhero with the ‘being-everywhere’ superpower.  I started to meet people from every corner of the world: one day I would hear the story of a Chinese painter in the streets of Hong Kong, and the next week I would listen to the memories of an old lady on a bench in Central Park.

That’s how I started to go back to my hotel room and write all these stories down.

Flight Attendant Log starts in 2019, as a simple and unpretentious collection of information from around the world, the result of my three biggest passions: people, writing, and travelling.

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